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In August of 2009 Fleetwood Enterprises ended their manufactured housing operation in Garrett, Indiana. Without hesitation, Wally Comer, Walt Fuller and Jerry Henry stepped in and purchased the manufacturing facility and invested in the startup of Adventure Homes.

We shut Fleetwood down on Friday afternoon and told every employee there if they wanted to join the Adventure Homes Team starting on Monday to show up at 7:00am. We did not have the pay program spelled out or the other benefit programs designed yet or a thousand other details completed yet for the new company. We got the HUD approval changed to Adventure Home and gambled that enough people would show up that we could start to get a production team together.

So many of the people showed up even without guarantees of pay scales, benefits etc., that we started the line immediately that Monday morning. They signed a new employee application and went to work and we were only 20 minutes late for the continuing line role. These people showed up because they trusted Wally Comer and they trusted the managers and supervisors enough to know that they would be taken care of. That is the culture at Adventure Homes, and is the root of all the current and future success we will ever have.

In order for you to understand how your home is built you must understand the people and the culture at Adventure Homes. If we want to be the best manufacturer our people must be the best “and they are”. We care about the people working in our plant. Their safety is number one above all other concerns.

We require management to maintain a safe and clean work environment for everyone to work in.
By having the best quality people and best quality working environment we can produce the best quality home. Every employee at Adventure Homes accepts nothing less in each other, and themselves.
Our motto at Adventure Homes is “Luxury and Comfort for Less” you cannot just buy quality it must be built one floor, one wall, and one home at a time.